Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Son Presents His Habitat

     While I've been banging my head against the wall trying to finish a post for over a week now my son effortlessly wrote an oral presentation for class in under a half an hour the other evening.  We had to build an animal's habitat and he had to present it in class. Thinking creatively, as he usually does, he chose humans as his animal and we built a four room apartment inside a cardboard box as the habitat.  His presentation was good enough to overcome our shared lack of crafting and building skills to earn himself an A+. It was smart, clever, and slyly funny.  It was everything I try so hard to make my writing be and he did it easily.  Of course, as a proud father I'm biased so I shall share his presentation with all of you.  Yes, I'm just using my blog to show off.  Deal with it.  The only thing I helped with was the spelling.

     My habitat is not rainforest, ocean, wetland, or desert.  My habitat is a modern household.  I can't tell you much you don't know about it because it's a house and you all have one; but I can tell you about my project.
     This house is a simple four room structure that serves as a habitat for a human being. It is a suitable habitat for a human because it provides everything a human needs in a simple and convenient fashion.
     In the kitchen there is water from the faucet and, most of the time, food in the fridge.  In the bedroom they can sleep safely and get they rest they need.  In the living room all of their entertainment needs are provided.  In the bathroom they can cleanse themselves of the dirt and filth they have acquired outside of the home.
     The human in my project lives by themselves but in other cases cats, dogs, birds, chipmunks etc. share this habitat with human beings.  This habitat has air conditioning and heating which keeps the weather nice all year long as long as they don't step outside. The home is the habitat that keeps the human safe, fed, comfortable, and fed.

     It was a short, sweet, and to the point presentation.  He knows when to shut up and leave the audience wanting more.  It's obviously another talent he has that his father lacks.

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