Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Conversation Between Single Women

     "What happened with Pete?
I thought you two were neat."
     "Oh, you know how things go.
At first he never said no.
So I asked for more and more
and he acted like I was a chore.
So I kicked him out of my world.
You've got to do and do for this girl."
     "See, I don't know how you can be that way.
If I ever get a man I'll make him stay.
I'll want to see him every minute of every day.
I don't know why they all run away."

     "What happened with you and Joe?
What was it that made him go?"
     "To tell you the truth I don't know.
I tried to tell him how things should be
for him to keep getting love from me,
how he should dress and how he should act.
I told him it wasn't opinion just fact.
I told him and told him and told him he wasn't good enough
and he proved it by running away when I got tough."
     "See, I would've made him stay,
and promise me over and over he ain't going away.
He would've had twelve text while he was working.
Wherever he was, I'd always be lurking."

     "So now who are you going to try and see
to keep from getting so darn lonely?"
     "I'm not putting myself on the line.
The risk is all his if he wants to be mine.
If a man wants to be with me then he needs to treat me like a queen.
Historically a queen was unimportant and subservient but that's not what I mean.
For two people to get along there must be compromise
so him changing his ways is what I advise."
     "I just can't be like that you see.
Having a man is everything to me.
When I get one to go on a first date
he's gonna know he's my future lifemate."

     Don't take this silly little poem too seriously.  It was just an effort to cheer myself up after a rough night and it amused me so I thought I'd share.  I've had many reasons to miss old friends lately, reasons both good and bad, but tonight I was reminded of an old friend in the worst way possible.  I'll have thoughts on at least two of my old friends upcoming and, of course, I mean to try and post something special for Father's Day.  I don't know how soon all of this will happen though.  My son comes home for a full week the day before Father's Day and it's not a moment too soon for me.


  1. Cute Paul! I rarely take you seriously unless I know you are being serious! Some of it is really true however. I know too many people that think they should be the center of another person's universe or try to change them to be what they want and not accept them as they are. Sad, but true.

  2. You rarely take me seriously? Now I'm gonna go cry. Lol. There's definitely truth here but the reason I say don't take it too seriously is because you could easily write a poem like this about single guys too. People are screwed up in what they expect from each other.

  3. That there ain't no shit,
    There's tons of truth in it,
    I like that you waxed poetic a bit,
    But you'll get the girls all up in a snit...