Sunday, June 30, 2013

Real Men Don't Cry Son

I did not cry when I saw you born.
I swear there was something in my eye.
Real men don't cry son.

My eyes did not get damp
after I dropped you off
on that first day of school.
Real men don't cry son.

I haven't had to hold back tears,
whenever you've done well in school
got that first big wrestling win,
or hugged me when I've needed it.
Real men don't cry son.

I'm not teary eyed right now
as I miss you and smile
because I want to play games
but I can't bring myself to.
It don't feel right without you.
Real men don't cry son.

I won't have to hide tears,
when you shoot your first deer,
go out on your first date,
put on that cap and gown,
load up a truck and move,
nor on your wedding day.
Real men don't cry son.

And there most certainly won't
be any tears of laughter
streaming across my face when
you are older and you read this
and smirk at me and say, "Dad,
You are just as full of crap
as your dad has always been."
Real men don't cry son.

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