Monday, September 23, 2013

a short untitled poem

     The plan was to keep working on this poem and maybe submit it somewhere I might get paid for it.  I never get paid for my writing here because no one clicks on ads. lol.  I've started on a short story, though, that I think will turn out much better, and will be more likely to make me money, than this poem.  So you dear blog readers get the poem for free. I don't have a title for it.  Maybe someone could suggest one.  Also, in case anyone wonders, it isn't about anyone in particular.

     Her soft touch is like just before a thunderstorm when the breeze dies down but I still feel it blowing.
     When she embraces me it is like she is cocking a powerful gun without even knowing.
     Her soft kiss brushing across my lips is like feeling the petals of a rose with just fingertips.
     When she kisses me passionately my toes can somehow feel the curvature of her lovely hips.
     They say attraction is mystery but mystery cannot be unless I bother to ponder.
     When we are alone I can't think clear enough to question the sensations as through me they wander.

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