Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Conversation About What I Want in a Woman

I had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight about what I'm looking for in a woman so I thought I'd share it here. I've removed most of their side of the conversation and any details that could identify them to protect the innocent. Also, to save their reputation from being known as my friend.

Them: What would you describe your type of woman as?

Me: Intelligent, creative, sexual, challenging.

Them: What does challenging mean to you?

Me: Someone I can know but not completely figure out. Someone that is comfortable disagreeing with me. Mostly though I could probably say complex as truthfully as I say challenging because I don't want some that bores me. Or maybe strong. Strong and complex equal challenging I guess.

Them: I think that's a good explanation of your definition of it. And it sounds like you have a good sense of what you want

Me: Something I didn't mention is a sense of humor. You'd think that would come with intelligent and creative but it doesn't always. When I get comfortable with someone the smartass in me comes out and I like a woman that at the very least can deal with that and hopefully participate in and appreciate it. How would you describe your ideal partner?

Them: I think I'm looking for a lot of the things you mentioned. Complex, but compassionate. Also interesting and funny. My ideal partner though.? No idea.

Me: I don't know if anyone has an ideal partner anyway. I try to be open to different people because they may be something I never knew I wanted in someone until I met them. More than anything I just want someone I jibe with. Someone that gets me and I get them. I guess in a way when I describe what I want I'm really describing how I see myself.

Them: I agree that you don't know what you want until you find it sometimes. And that it's not necessarily fun to be with someone who's very simple and doesn't provide a challenge.

Me: This conversation is interesting. I hope you don't mind if I turn it into a blog post.

Them: Blog post? I don't mind. I'm interested what it'll be about though.

Me: Mostly just a transcription of this conversation. It would be about what we're talking about. Basically it occurred to me I just did a lot of writing and some of it was interesting.

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  1. Exactly. No relationship that I've been in or anyone I've ever known has had the "ideal" relationship. It's give & take, caring, sharing, laughing, and togetherness. The challenge in any relationship is to keep it fresh & interesting. Too many times they get boring from the routine life things, like work. When both parties have to work, they get tired after work & fall into routine. Then everything becomes like ritual, re-run of the previous day, week, month. It has to be kept interesting, and the two have to work at that. Setting aside time to just be together to do something different or exciting. You just have to find someone that can work with you on it. Keep looking Paul. There is someone out there looking for a guy like you. Smart assedness and all. :-)